Next Level Autofaucet

How do I claim?

Step 1: Login

Enter your ExpressCrypto UserId into the input below and click the Login button!

Step 2: Shortlink

You will get redirected automatically to your shortlink. Complete the shortlink's captcha, click "click here to continue", wait for the timer to expire and click "Get Link"

Step 3: Done

Done! You will get automatic payouts in any ExpressCrypto Altcoin for one hour now! This will boost your ExpressCrypto Level to the moon and look great at your profile!


Why Qwerofaucet?


We send quick payouts every 30 seconds! For 1 hours!

Closed Tab

We will send you payouts for 1hour, no matter if you close or keep the page open!

Less ads

We want to provide our users the best possible experience, that's why we use less ads than others do!

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